Wake up your brain!

Ever feel like you cannot come up with something new? The same ideas pop up every single time? Well, maybe you need to take your brain on a trip.

Don’t worry. This trip doesn’t require plane tickets or hotel reservations – although the smell of freshly baked French baguettes would certainly wake it up! But, let’s go back to reality. Your brain just needs new experiences.

How do you get those, you may ask? Well, basically anywhere. Just forget your daily routine for a moment. Change up the coffee shop you visit. Exercise when you normally don’t. Listen to a new genre of music. Before you know it, you’ll experience something new. You’ll learn to do something you never thought you would do.

And for us creative people, those new experiences will hopefully turn into new connections that will spark in our minds and create that coveted big idea. Ready to find it? Go!

10/july 2015.