Bringing drawings to life!

Humans have been drawing to document their visions or ideas since the origin of time. Think of the early civilizations. Their artwork was not merely decoration; some theories hold that cave painting may have been a way of communicating with others. People drew to leave a mark in the world, knowingly or otherwise.

So, how is this different from the creative process? Drawing helps to give sense to ideas, to start visualizing them, or simply to see how they will work at the very end. Sometimes we have to go to the drawing board several times, others, the sketch is so complete from the first time that we just have to adjust details to make it perfect.

Take for example the new concept for Terra Mía’s brand campaign Ingredientes, our new concept for Terra Mía. We researched, talked to consumers, explored the market, but moreover, we deeply rooted our idea in the heart of the brand: their ingredients come fresh from our land. So with this in mind, we translated it to our sketch. The end result is very similar to the original idea because the concept was absolutely clear since the beginning.

Do you have some loose ideas? If so, take them to the drawing board. Or even better, gives us a call!

03/february 2016.