Summer School

When I was in college I never, not once, took classes during the summer. In my mind, summer was for resting, going to the beach, and enjoying the company of your friends outside of class. Summer was the two months where I didn’t have to write essays and study, and I took it as a very precious time. Oh, how silly I was!

In the midst of brainstorming creative concepts that would properly portray the essence of the EDP Summer Campaign, we stumbled upon the realization that going to Summer School isn’t, really, as big of a deal as our younger-selves thought. In fact, it’s actually a great thing to do. Dedicating one or two hours of your day to going to class won’t jeopardize the possibility of doing other things. You can enjoy all the fun activities adhered to summer, while simultaneously, and most importantly, moving a step forward toward a brighter future.

Everyone has the same 24 hours. Go ahead and do something amazing with them! Start shaping the rest of your life now, work by your own rules, and become a better and smarter version of who you already are. If Natalie Portman was able to balance her undergraduate studies in Harvard University and film Star Wars (where she played none other than Padmé Amidala), I promise—pinky promise—you’ll have time to get sun kissed skin while getting a head start on your degree.

13/may 2016. María Correa