When Copy met Art

Once upon a time, Copy was busy choosing between word A and word B. Suddenly, out of the blue, comes Art, with its attention-grabbing colors and lines. Copy started getting jealous, he started asking himself the typical question: “What does Art have that I don’t?”

The truth of the matter was that everybody was starstruck, including Copy, but of course, he wouldn’t admit it. He knew that letting Art enter his world would change everything forever. And boy, it did.

Together they were magic. Copy gave meaning to Art’s abstract symbols while Art made Copy’s words stand out among the rest. Each of them was great at what the other couldn’t dare to do.

One day, Advertising came in and made them a proposition. Will you work with each other forever and ever? Copy and Art looked at each other, stared into each other’s eyes, and in unison, laughed.

01/april 2015.