An idea is born

When talking about the birth of ideas, we often focus on the actual creative process: that moment when magic happens, when everything comes together perfectly. But, who are we kidding? Coming up with big ideas is much more complicated than that.

There’s one aspect of it all that is often forgotten yet is key for strategically led creativity: research. For the EDP University campaign, we did a major investigation on local universities and their target audience. We visited the campus, talked to students, professors, administration and read about the programs, all while exploring colors and elements that related to each profession. More importantly, we identified what we did not want to do.

With that knowledge under our belt, we started sketching loose ideas. We craved to show that a campaign for a university could be fun, straightforward, but also clever and modern. Above all, we wanted to say what we wished universities had told us when we were exiting high school. Lastly, we wanted to show the university’s offerings without leaving behind the most important aspect: connecting with those young minds.

So the idea of an ad that speaks for itself was born. The uniqueness of each program was translated into an advantage and highly influenced the design. Moreover, coming up with clever lines and identifying that specific word that encapsulated the message was a daunting yet very satisfying task. Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? Yes. An idea was born and a campaign is now ready to reach out!