5 ways to stand out on the aisle

1. Effective packaging goes beyond colors and copy. Experts say Millennials make assumptions about the actual company when examining products, so make sure your company’s values are present in your packaging design.

2. Engagement can turn consideration into purchase. Whether it is by product sampling, digital integration or another approach, always strive to create a connection with the costumer while they are at the point-of-purchase.

3. Have a clear message. Customers’ are bombarded with messages when entering a store: make sure yours is quick, succinct, and most of all, self-explanatory.

4. Consistency is key. Use similar messages, style and overall feel on all your platforms from point-of-purchase to the official website to your social media outlets. That way, the audience will identify you no matter where they are.

5. Know your audience like no other. Speaking to a mom of 3 is not the same as talking to 22 year-old fresh out of college, that’s a fact. Meet them, study them, and see them as people rather than demographics. Becoming an expert on your target audience will dictate how to approach them.