Collaboration’s Day

In advertising we don’t believe in independence, we believe in collaboration. You could argue that any business needs cooperation between its members to work well, but in our case, cooperation is mandatory.

We see it every day in myriad shapes and forms. The most basic of all: the work of our creative teams. Art directors and copywriters depend on each other for basically everything; if there’s no copy, there’s no art, and vice versa. Moreover, the creation of big, powerful ideas is dependent of that group synergy because, simply put, “Two minds think better than one.”

Collaboration, nonetheless, doesn’t only mean the typical in-house teamwork. The joint effort between agency and client is also vital to achieve future goals. Whether it is an exchange of information, ideas or concerns, all are valuable interactions that contribute to the success of a project or business.

Other examples include contact with suppliers and media, among others. These relationships might vary in subject and form, but they are all fundamental for the smooth operation of all projects. In short, at an agency, every day is Collaboration’s Day. Let’s celebrate it together!